History and Systems of Psychology

History and Systems of Psychology


Cambridge University Press






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1. Past for present: psychology in search of a paradigm; 2. Psychology in the ancient and classical east; 3. Psychological foundations in ancient Greece; 4. From classical Rome to the early middle ages; 5. The reawakening of intellectual life in the Middle Ages; 6. The Renaissance; 7. The emergence of modern science; 8. Sensationalism and positivism: the French tradition; 9. Mental passivity: the British tradition; 10. Mental activity: the German tradition; 11. Romanticism and existentialism in the nineteenth century; 12. Nineteenth century bases of psychology; 13. The founding of modern psychology; 14. American functionalism; 15. The Gestalt movement; 16. Psychoanalysis; 17. Behaviorism; 18. The third force movement; 19. Cognitive psychology; 20. Contemporary psychology; Glossary; Name index; Subject index.
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