Higher Education Admissions Practices

Higher Education Admissions Practices

An International Perspective


Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Global Challenges and Common Admissions Models Maria Elena Oliveri: 1. An overview of higher education admissions processes Rochelle Michel and Simone Pollard; 2. Comparing college aspirations across PISA countries: are 17 percent oranges less than 75 percent apples? Matthias von Davier and Hak Ping Tam; 3. Merit-based admissions in higher education Christina Wikstroem and Magnus Wikstroem; 4. The open admissions model: an example from the United States Kevin M. Williams and Cathy Wendler; 5. Character-based admissions criteria in the United States and in Europe: rationale, evidence, and some critical remarks A. Susan M. Niessen and Rob R. Meijer; 6. Cross-cultural and global competencies and their role in admissions policies and practices Stephanie McKeown, Adrienne Vedan, Jackson Traplin, Leah Sanford and Cynthia Bourne; Part II. Country-Specific Admissions Practices Cathy Wendler: 7. Admission policies and practices and the reshaping of access patterns to higher education in Africa Ibrahim Oanda; 8. Chile's admissions tests: pending changes and revisions Mladen Koljatic and Monica Silva; 9. Issues of perceived fairness in admissions assessments in small countries: the case of the Republic of Cyprus Elena C. Papanastasiou and Michalis P. Michaelides; 10. Higher education admissions practices in Israel Avi Allalouf, Yoav Cohen and Naomi Gafni; 11. Access, equity, and admissions in South African higher education Naziema Jappie; 12. Admissions practices in Sweden Per-Erik Lyren and Christina Wikstroem; 13. Revisions of admissions testing in Vietnam: from elite to mass higher education Duy Ngoc Pham and Hong Cong Sai; Part III. Assessments Used in Higher Education Admissions Maria Elena Oliveri: 14. General academic and subject-based examinations used in undergraduate higher education admissions Rosemary Reshetar and Martha Pitts; 15. Language proficiency assessments in higher education admissions Thomas Eckes and Hans-Joachim Althaus; 16. Measuring student character: modernizing predictors of academic success Nathan Kuncel, Khue Tran and Shu Han Zhang; Part IV. Rethinking Higher Education Admissions Cathy Wendler: 17. The ACT holistic framework (R) of education and workplace success Jeremy Burrus, Jason Way, Becky Bobek, Kristin Stoeffler and Ryan O'Connor; 18. Using mathematical models to improve access to postsecondary education Rebecca Zwick; 19. After admissions: what comes next in higher education? Maria Elena Oliveri, Robert J. Mislevy and Norbert Elliot.
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