Herodotus in the Long Nineteenth Century

Herodotus in the Long Nineteenth Century


Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Thomas Harrison and Joseph Skinner; 1. From ethnography to history: Herodotean and Thucydidean traditions in the development of Greek historiography Tim Rood; 2. 'Romantic poet-sage of history': Herodotus and his Arion in the long nineteenth century Edith Hall; 3. Herodotus as anti-classical toolbox Suzanne Marchand; 4. George Grote and the 'open-hearted Herodotus' Mark Molesky; 5. Imagining empire through Herodotus Joseph Skinner; 6. Two Victorian Egypts of Herodotus David Gange; 7. Of Europe Phiroze Vasunia; 8. From Scythian ethnography to Aryan christianity: Herodotean revolutions on the eve of the Russian Revolution Caspar Meyer; 9. Herodotus and the 1919-22 Greco-Turkish War Naoise Mac Sweeney; 10. Herodotus's travels in Britain and beyond: prose composition and pseudo-ethnography Thomas Harrison.
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