Hermetica II

Hermetica II

The Excerpts of Stobaeus, Papyrus Fragments, and Ancient Testimonies in an English Translation with Notes and Introduction

Litwa, M. David (Australian Catholic University, Melbourne)

Cambridge University Press






15 a 20 dias

Hermes Thrice Great had a truly global impact on the history of western esotericism, making his home in Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Arabic, and medieval European traditions. This volume collects the scattered fragments and testimonies regarding him that complete Brian Copenhaver's earlier translation (Cambridge, 1992).
General introduction; Stobaean Hermetica (SH 1-29); Oxford Hermetica (OH 1-5); Vienna Hermetica (VH 1-2); Hermetic fragments from various authors (FH 1-45); Testimonies concerning Hermes Thrice Great (TH 1-38).