Heidegger in America

Heidegger in America

Woessner, Martin

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction - being here: Heidegger and reception history; Preface; 1. Freiburg bound: the early years of American Heidegger scholarship; 2. Exiles and emissaries: Heidegger's stepchildren in the United States; 3. Nihilism, nothingness, and God: Heidegger and American theology; 4. An officer and a philosopher: J. Glenn Gray and the postwar introduction of Heidegger into American thought; 5. Dasein and das Man: Heidegger and American popular culture; 6. The continental divide: Heidegger between the analytic and continental traditions in American philosophy; 7. Richard Rorty and the riddle of the book that never was; 8. Ethics, technology, and memory: Heidegger and American architecture; 9. Culture wars: Heidegger and the politics of postmodernism; Conclusion - being there: Heidegger and the history of ideas.
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