Harms and Wrongs in Epistemic Practice

Harms and Wrongs in Epistemic Practice

Barker, Simon; Goetze, Trystan S.; Crerar, Charlie

Cambridge University Press






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1. Harms and wrongs in epistemic practice Simon Barker, Charlie Crerar and Trystan S. Goetze; 2. Can closed-mindedness be an intellectual virtue? Heather Battaly; 3. Caring for esteem and intellectual reputation: some epistemic benefits and harms Alessandra Tanesini; 4. Understanding epistemic trust injustices and their harms Heidi Grasswick; 5. On anger, silence, and epistemic injustice Alison Bailey; 6. Just say 'no!': obligations to voice disagreement Casey Rebecca Johnson; 7. On empathy and testimonial trust Olivia Bailey; 8. Ambivalence about forgiveness Miranda Fricker; 9. The epistemology of terrorism and radicalisation Quassim Cassam; 10. Healthcare practice, epistemic injustice, and naturalism Ian James Kidd and Havi Carel; 11. What is epistemically wrong with conspiracy theorising? Keith Harris.
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