Harmony in Schubert

Harmony in Schubert

Damschroder, David (University of Minnesota)

Cambridge University Press






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Franz Schubert's innovative harmonic practice has been a topic of lively discussion among analysts for generations. In this book, David Damschroder develops fresh ideas on how harmony works in the context of Schubert's music. The book includes insightful readings of a wide range of illustrative music examples.
Preface; Part I. Methodological Orientation: 1. Harmonic progression; 2. Linear progression; 3. Common prolongations and successions; 4. Chords built on bII, on III, and from the parallel key; Part II. Masterpieces: 5. 'Ganymed' (D. 544); 6. Quintet in A Major ('Trout', D. 667), movement 1; 7. Symphony in B Minor ('unfinished', D. 759), movement 1; 8. Piano Sonata in A Minor (D. 784), movement 2; 9. 'Die junge Nonne' (D. 828); 10. Four Impromptus (D. 899); 11. 'Auf dem Flusse' from Winterreise (D. 911, No. 7); 12. Piano Sonata in B flat Major (D. 960), movement 1; Epilogue; Bibliography.
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