Harmony in Beethoven

Harmony in Beethoven

Damschroder, David

Cambridge University Press






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Preface; Part I. Methodological Orientation: Harmonielehre (The Piano Sonatas): 1. IV as intermediary between I and V; 2. II as intermediary between I and V; 3. A detailed look at the circle of fifths; 4. III on the path from I to V; 5. The mediant within the orbit of the tonic; 6. Notable linear initiatives; 7. Parenthetical passages; Part II. Masterpieces: 8. String Quartet in B Major (Op. 18, No. 6), La Malinconia, in response to William J. Mitchell; 9. Piano Sonata in D Minor (Op. 31, No. 2, 'Tempest'), movement 1, in response to William E. Caplin; 10. Violin Sonata in A Minor (Op. 47, 'Kreutzer'), movement 1, in response to Janet Schmalfeldt; 11. Symphony in A Major (Op. 92), movement 3, in response to Robert Gauldin; 12. Piano Sonata in E Major (Op. 109), in response to Nicholas Marston; 13. String Quartet in A Minor (Op. 132), movement 1, in response to Frank Samarotto; Epilogue.