Handel on the Stage

Handel on the Stage

Kimbell, David (University of Edinburgh)

Cambridge University Press






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For thirty years the opera-house was the principal focus of Handel's creative work and he composed more than forty operas over this period. In this book, David Kimbell sets Handel's operas in their biographical and cultural contexts, exploring the librettos and the music and how the operas were performed.
Preface; 1. Handel and opera - a biographical survey of the circumstances; 2. The libretto (1) - argument - dramatis personae; 3. The libretto (2) - words for music; 4. The music (1) - mastering the medium; 5. The music (2) - its role in the drama; 6. Aspects of the performance of Handelian opera in his time and in ours; Appendix: an overview of the repertory of the Royal Academy of Music.
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