Guide to Publishing in Psychology Journals

Guide to Publishing in Psychology Journals

Sternberg, Robert J.

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Kinds of Articles: 1. Writing an empirical article Daryl J. Bem; 2. Writing a literature review Nancy Eisenberg; Part II. Parts of Articles: 3. Titles and abstracts Robert J. Sternberg; 4. Introducing your research report: writing the introduction Philip C. Kendall, Lesley A. Norris, Lara S. Rifkin and Jennifer S. Silk; 5. Theories and hypotheses Robert J. Sternberg; 6. Writing about methods Harry T. Reis; 7. Data analyses that meet current standards of the profession Elena L. Grigorenko; 8. Results Peter Salovey; 9. Writing the discussion section Susan T. Fiske; 10. References Andrew N. Christopher and Andrea P. Francis; Part III. The Journal Submission and Resubmission Process: 11. Writing for your referees Robert J. Sternberg; 12. Dealing with reviews and overcoming rejection Henry L. Roediger, III, Kathleen B. McDermott and Eric Eich; 13. Rewriting the psychology paper Richard K. Wagner and Rachel E. Waters; 14. Writing a high-impact article Robert J. Sternberg; 15. Article writing 101: a crib sheet Robert J. Sternberg; 16. Selecting the right journal outlet for your paper Louis Tay and Ed Diener; 17. Journal publishing strategies Stephen J. Ceci and Wendy M. Williams; 18. Online submission and review systems Todd Reitzel; Part IV. Systemic Issues: 19. Transparent science David Mellor, Simine Vazire and D. Stephen Lindsay; 20. Open Access Axel Cleeremans; 21. Ethical considerations in submitting articles Robert J. Sternberg; Part V. Conclusion: 22. Final comments about publishing in journals Robert J. Sternberg.
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