Greek Memories

Greek Memories

Theories and Practices


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Introduction Luca Castagnoli and Paola Ceccarelli; Part I. Archaic and Early Classical Configurations of Memory: 1. Women and memory: the Iliad and the Kosovo cycle Lilah Grace Canevaro; 2. Speaking in the wax tablets of memory Peter Agocs; Part II. Memory and Forgetting in the Classical Period: 3. Economies of memory in Greek tragedy Paola Ceccarelli; 4. Aristophanes and his Muses, or memory in a comic key Silvia Milanezi; 5. Memory, the orators and the public in fourth-century BC Athens Mirko Canevaro; 6. The place and nature of memory in Greek historiography Catherine Darbo-Peschanski; 7. Lyric oblivion: when Sappho taught Socrates how to forget Andrea Capra; 8. Socratic forgetfulness and Platonic irony Ynon Wygoda; 9. Memory and recollection in Plato's Philebus: use and definitions R. A. H. King; 10. Is memory of the past? Aristotle and the objects of memory Luca Castagnoli; Part III. Hellenistic Configurations of Memory: 11. Hellenistic Cultural Memory: Helen and Menelaus between heroic fiction, ritual practice and poetic praise of the royal power (Theocritus 18) Claude Calame; 12. Physics, memory, ethics: the Epicurean road to happiness Emidio Spinelli; Part IV. The Imperial Period: Continuity and Change: 13. Claudius Aelianus: memory, mnemonics, and literature in the age of Caracalla Steven D. Smith; 14. Plotinus on memory, recollection and discursive thought Riccardo Chiaradonna; 15. Plotinus: remembering and forgetting Stephen R. L. Clark; Part V. Envoi: 16. Greek philosophers on how to memorise - and learn Maria Michela Sassi.