Globalisation and Governance

Globalisation and Governance

International Problems, European Solutions

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: (inter)national governance - theory and practice Robert Schutze; Part I. International Perspectives: A. Formal Foundations: 1. The 'unsettled' eighteenth-century: Kant and his predecessors Robert Schutze; 2. World order through law: the politics of Kelsenian positivism in international law Jochen von Bernstorff; 3. Tyranny and constitutionalism beyond the state Aoife O'Donoghue; 4. New order for yet another new world: philosophy in a time of global existential crisis Philip Allott; B. Substantive Challenges: 5. The real utopia: international constitutionalism and the use of force Marc Weller; 6. Variable geometry in the WTO Bernard M. Hoekman and Petros C. Mavroidis; 7. New challenges for global environmental governance Markus W. Gerhring; 8. Tackling mass atrocity in a globalised world: the International Criminal Court Olympia Bekou; Part II. European Perspectives: A. Formal Foundations: 9. European international law Bruno de Witte; 10. Constitutional state of the European Union Christoph Moellers; 11. Subsidiarity as a principle of EU governance Katarzyna Granat; 12. Citizenship's role in the European Federation Dimitry Kochenov; B. Substantive Solutions: 13. Integration and constitutionalisation in EU foreign and security policy Ramses A. Wessel; 14. Intergovernmentalism in the wake of the Euro area crisis Alicia Hinarejos; 15. EU law and global environmental challenges Ludwig Kramer; 16. The normative foundations of European criminal law Valsamis Mitsilegas; Conclusion: after globalisation: engaging the 'backlash' Marti Koskenniemi; Epilogue: elements of a theory of global governance David Held.
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