Global Trade and the Transformation of Consumer Cultures

Global Trade and the Transformation of Consumer Cultures

The Material World Remade, c.1500-1820

Lemire, Beverly (University of Alberta)

Cambridge University Press






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Charts the rise of consumerism and the new cosmopolitan material cultures that took shape across the globe from 1500 to 1820.
1. Early globalisation, rising cosmopolitanism and a new world of goods; 2. Fabric and furs: a new framework of global consumption; 3. Dressing world peoples: regulation and cosmopolitan desire; 4. Smuggling, wrecking and scavenging: or, the informal pathways to consumption; 5. Tobacco and the politics of consumption; 6. Stitching the global: contact, connection and translation in needlework arts in the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries; 7. Conclusion: realising cosmopolitan material culture.
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