Global Perspectives on Teacher Motivation

Global Perspectives on Teacher Motivation

Richardson, Paul W.; Watt, Helen M. G.; Smith, Kari

Cambridge University Press






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1. Why teach? How teachers' motivations matter around the world Helen M. G. Watt, Paul W. Richardson and Kari Smith; 2. Career motivations of student teachers in the Republic of Ireland: continuity and change during educational reform and 'boom to bust' economic times Manuela Heinz, Elaine Keane and Conor Foley; 3. Why teach? Antecedents and consequences in Spain Gloria Gratacos, Ernesto Lopez-Gomez, Guiomar Nocito and Santiago Sastre; 4. Factors motivating students to become secondary school teachers: evidence from Norway Christian Brandmo and Katrine Nesje; 5. The motivational basis of classroom management practices and beliefs of Swiss vocational teachers Jean-Louis Berger, Celine Girardet, Cynthia Vaudroz and Carmela Aprea; 6. Motivations that affect professional knowledge in Germany and Austria Johannes Koenig and Martin Rothland; 7. Motivations and perceptions about teaching during the first year of teacher education in Estonia Merle Taimalu, Piret Luik and Karin Taht; 8. How personality dimensions and motivation to teach shape the learning achievement goals of Croatian future teachers Iris Marusic, Ivana Jugovic and Tea Pavin Ivanec; 9. Exploring the relationships between prospective Turkish teachers' hopes, motivations and professional plans Altay Eren and Amanda Yesilbursa; 10. Motivations and aspirations of teacher education students in Indonesia Anne Suryani; 11. Teacher motivation and professional commitment in the United States: the role of motivations for teaching, teacher self-efficacy and sense of professional responsibility Fani Lauermann, Stuart A. Karabenick, Robert Carpenter and Colleen Kuusinen; 12. Divided by discipline? Contrasting motivations, perceptions, and background characteristics of beginning Australian English and Mathematics teachers Helen M. G. Watt, Paul W. Richardson and Zoe A. Morris; 13. Why choose teaching and does it matter? Ruth Butler.