Colonial Life of Pharmaceuticals

Colonial Life of Pharmaceuticals

Medicines and Modernity in Vietnam

Monnais, Laurence

Cambridge University Press






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In this examination of the early globalization of the pharmaceutical industry, Laurence Monnais argues that colonialism played a crucial part in the worldwide diffusion of modern medicines, speaking to contemporary concerns regarding over-reliance on pharmaceuticals, self-medication, and the accessibility of effective drug treatments.
1. Making medicines modern, making medicines colonial; 2. Medicines in colonial (public) health; 3. The mirage of mass distribution: state Quinine and essential medicines; 4. The many lives of medicines in the private market; 5. Crimes and misdemeanors: transactions and transgressions in the therapeutic market; 6. Learning effects: lived experiences, pharmaceutical publicity and the roots of selective demand; 7. Medicines as vectors of modernization and medicalization; 8. Therapeutic pluralism under colonial rule; Conclusion: from colonial medicines to post-colonial health.
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