Global Constitutionalism from European and East Asian Perspectives

Global Constitutionalism from European and East Asian Perspectives

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Part I. Groundwork: Interplay between European Ideas and East Asian Perspectives: 1. Perpetuum mobile: before and after global constitutionalism Toshiki Mogami; 2. China's socialist rule of law and global constitutionalism Bin Li; 3. Global Constitutionalism and East Asian perspectives in the context of political economy Christine Schwoebel-Patel; 4. Global Constitutionalism and European legal experiences: can European constitutionalism be applied to the rest of the world? Takao Suami; 5. On the history and theory of global constitutionalism Mattias Kumm; Part II. Pursuit of Common Values: Human Rights and the Rule of Law from East Asian Perspectives: 6. Are we talking the same language? The socio-historical context of global constitutionalism in East Asia as seen from Japan's experiences Dimitri Vanoverbeke; 7. Chinese perspectives on the rule of law: prospects and challenges for global constitutionalism Matthieu Burnay; 8. Cosmopolitanising rights practice: the case of South Korea Yoon Jin Shin; Part III. Horizontal Interactions: Trade, Environment and Development: 9. Global Constitutionalism: the social dimension Anne Peters; 10. Development issues in the discourse of Global Constitutionalism Hyuck-Soo Yoo; 11. A new idea for constructing the global legal mechanism of the right to development Xigen Wang; 12. Fair is foul, and foul is fair: the mixed character of constitutionalism in the global economic governance Kazuyori Ito; 13. Conceptualising global environmental constitutionalism in a regional context: perspectives from Asia and Europe Louis J. Kotze; Part IV. Implementation and Enforcement: 14. The emerging principle of functional complementarity for coordination among national and international jurisdictions: intellectual hegemony and heterogeneous world Kaoru Obata; 15. Human rights NGOs and Global Constitutionalism from a Chinese academic perspective Guimei Bai; 16. Global constitutionalism and private governance: the discrete contribution of voluntary sustainability standards Axel Marx and Jan Wouters; 17. International courts and tribunals and the rule of law in Asia Geir Ulfstein; Conclusion: East Asia and Global Constitutionalism; 18. Global Constitutionalism for East Asia: its potential to promote constitutional principles Takao Suami.
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