Getting into Graduate School in the Sciences

Getting into Graduate School in the Sciences

A Step-by-Step Guide for Students

Sturdivant, S. Kersey; Relles, Noelle

Cambridge University Press






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Addressing a lack of practical and evidence-based advice for graduate education in the natural sciences, this complete step-by-step guide will lead students through the application process for both masters and doctoral level graduate degrees. An essential resource for life and earth scientists applying to graduate school in the United States.
Preface; 1. Pre-graduate school preparation; 2. Graduate record examination (GRE); 3. Your curriculum vitae (CV); 4. Choosing a graduate program; 5. Funding; 6. Applying; 7. Visiting and interviewing; 8. Master's, doctorate, or undecided; 9. Acceptance and decision time; 10. The graduate school experience; Appendix; Index.