German Intellectuals and the Challenge of Democratic Renewal

German Intellectuals and the Challenge of Democratic Renewal

Culture and Politics after 1945

Forner, Sean A. (Michigan State University)

Cambridge University Press






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This book examines how democracy was rethought in Germany in the wake of National Socialism, the Second World War and the Holocaust. The book focuses on a diverse network of intellectuals in post-war Germany and a distinctive vision of renewal that spanned the East-West divide.
Introduction: democratic renewal and Germany's 'zero hour'; 1. Germans, occupiers, and the democratization project; 2. Rethinking democracy: freedom, order, participation; 3. Renewing culture: the 'unpolitical German' between past and future; 4. Subjects of politics: publicness, parties, elites; 5. A parliament of spirit? Mobilizing the cultural nation; 6. Into East Germany: intelligentsia and the Apparat; 7. Into West Germany: nonconformists and the Restoration; 8. 1968, 1989, and the legacies of participation; Select bibliography; Index.
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