Geophysics and Geosequestration

Geophysics and Geosequestration

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Part I. Introduction: 1. Climate change and the role of CCS in mitigation John Gale and Malcolm Wilson; 2. The role of geophysics in CCS David Lumley; 3. Goals of CO2 monitoring Thomas M. Daley and William Harbert; Part II. Geophysical Techniques: 4. Rock physics of CO2 storage monitoring in porous media Thomas M. Daley; 5. Multicomponent seismic monitoring Tom Davis and Martin Landro; 6. Monitoring the deformation associated with the geological storage of CO2 Donald W. Vasco, Alessandro Ferretti, Alessio Rucci, Sergey V. Samsonov and Don White; 7. Gravity - surface and borehole Ola Eiken; 8. Estimating saturation and density changes caused by CO2 injection at Sleipner Martin Landro and Mark Zumberge; 9. Electrical and electromagnetics methods Erika Gasperikova and Michael Commer; 10. Microseismic imaging of CO2 injection Shawn Maxwell; 11. Well logging Zaki Bassiouni; Part III. Case Studies: 12. CO2 storage offshore Norway Eva K. Halland; 13. Twenty years of monitoring CO2 injection at Sleipner Ola Eiken; 14. Case studies of the value of 4-D, multicomponent seismic monitoring in CO2 EOR and geosequestration Tom Davis, Scott Wehner and Trevor Richards; 15. Integrated geophysical characterization and monitoring at the aquistore CO2 storage site Don White; 16. Development and analysis of a geostatic model for shallow CO2 injection at the field research station, Southern Alberta, Canada Donald C. Lawton, Jessica Dongas, Kirk Osadetz, Amin Saeedfar and Marie Macquet; 17. Seismic and ERT 3D monitoring at the ketzin pilot storage site in Germany Christopher Juhlin, Stefan Luth, Monika Ivandic and Peter Bergmann; 18. Time-lapse seismic analysis of the CO2 injection into the Tubaen Formation at Snohvit Sissel Grude and Martin Landro; 19. Illinois Basin - Decatur Project Robert A. Bauer, Robert Will, Sallie Greenberg and Steven G. Whittaker; Part IV. Summary: 20. What Next? Tom Davis, Martin Landro and Malcolm Wilson.