Geophysics and Geosequestration

Geophysics and Geosequestration

Landro, Martin (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim); Davis, Thomas L. (Colorado School of Mines); Wilson, Malcolm

Cambridge University Press






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This reference volume for academic researchers and industry practitioners provides an overview of the major geophysical techniques for monitoring underground storage of carbon dioxide from major industrial sources. Chapters by eminent researchers, illustrated with key case studies, discuss best practice for carbon management and outlooks for the future.
Part I. Introduction: 1. Climate change and the role of CCS in mitigation John Gale and Malcolm Wilson; 2. The role of geophysics in CCS David Lumley; 3. Goals of CO2 monitoring Thomas M. Daley and William Harbert; Part II. Geophysical Techniques: 4. Rock physics of CO2 storage monitoring in porous media Thomas M. Daley; 5. Multicomponent seismic monitoring Tom Davis and Martin Landro; 6. Monitoring the deformation associated with the geological storage of CO2 Donald W. Vasco, Alessandro Ferretti, Alessio Rucci, Sergey V. Samsonov and Don White; 7. Gravity - surface and borehole Ola Eiken; 8. Estimating saturation and density changes caused by CO2 injection at Sleipner Martin Landro and Mark Zumberge; 9. Electrical and electromagnetics methods Erika Gasperikova and Michael Commer; 10. Microseismic imaging of CO2 injection Shawn Maxwell; 11. Well logging Zaki Bassiouni; Part III. Case Studies: 12. CO2 storage offshore Norway Eva K. Halland; 13. Twenty years of monitoring CO2 injection at Sleipner Ola Eiken; 14. Case studies of the value of 4-D, multicomponent seismic monitoring in CO2 EOR and geosequestration Tom Davis, Scott Wehner and Trevor Richards; 15. Integrated geophysical characterization and monitoring at the aquistore CO2 storage site Don White; 16. Development and analysis of a geostatic model for shallow CO2 injection at the field research station, Southern Alberta, Canada Donald C. Lawton, Jessica Dongas, Kirk Osadetz, Amin Saeedfar and Marie Macquet; 17. Seismic and ERT 3D monitoring at the ketzin pilot storage site in Germany Christopher Juhlin, Stefan Luth, Monika Ivandic and Peter Bergmann; 18. Time-lapse seismic analysis of the CO2 injection into the Tubaen Formation at Snohvit Sissel Grude and Martin Landro; 19. Illinois Basin - Decatur Project Robert A. Bauer, Robert Will, Sallie Greenberg and Steven G. Whittaker; Part IV. Summary: 20. What Next? Tom Davis, Martin Landro and Malcolm Wilson.