Gender and Work in Global Value Chains

Gender and Work in Global Value Chains

Capturing the Gains?

Barrientos, Stephanie

Cambridge University Press






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List of tables; List of figures; List of abbreviations; Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Retail shift and global sourcing; 3. Gender patterns of work in global retail value chains; 4. Global (re)production network analysis; 5. Smallholder (dis)articulations: the cocoa-chocolate value chain; 6. Mixed outcomes: downgrading and upgrading in African horticulture; 7. Contested terrain: the limits of social compliance in Asian apparel; 8. Upgrading strategies: innovation, skills and rights; 9. Governance challenges: promoting gender-equitable value chains; 10. Concluding reflections: future of work; References; Index.
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