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Part I: History, Origin, Dynamics: 1. Ganymede through the ages Martin Volwerk, Katrin Stephan and Roland Wagner; 2. Origin of Ganymede and the Galilean moons Yuhito Shibaike and Yann Alibert; 3. The rotation of Ganymede Alexander Stark, Rose-Marie Baland and Tim van Hoolst; 4. Tidal deformation and tidal evolution of Ganymede Gregor Steinbrugge, Hauke Hussmann and Gabriel Tobie; 5. Ganymede's statigraphy and geologic evolution Ralf Jaumann, Katrin Stephan and Roland Wagner; Part II: Geology, Surface, Interior: 6. Internal structure of Ganymede Hauke Hussmann, Gerald Schubert and Gregor Steinbrugge; 7. Ganymede's geology Robert Pappalardo, Marissa Cameron and Geoffrey Collins; 8. The cratering record of Ganymede: surface ages, impactor populations, and evolutional history Michelle Kirchoff, Amy Barr and Michael Bland; 9. The topography of Ganymede: geology, global characteristics, and future exploration Paul Schenk, William McKinnon and Jeffrey Moore; 10. Ganymede's surface composition Katrin Stephan, Charles Hibbitts and Nicolas Ligier; 11. Physical chemistry and thermal properties of ices at Ganymede Caitlin Ahrens, Anezina Solomonidou and Katrin Stephan; 12. Structure and evolution of Ganymede's hydrosphere Klara Kalousova, Krista Soderlund and Anezina Solomonidou; 13. The origin of Ganymede's internal magnetic field Ulrich Christensen, Tina Ruckriemen-Bez and Gerald Schubert; Part III: Atmosphere, Ionosphere, Magnetosphere: 14. Ganymede: its magnetosphere and its interaction with the Jovian magnetosphere Margaret Kivelson, Fran Bagenal and Xianzhe Jia; 15. Interactions between the space environment and Ganymede's surface Andre Galli, Audrey Vorburger and Peter Wurz; 16. Ganymede's tenuous atmosphere Lorenz Roth, Christina Plainaki and Apurva Oza; 17. The ionosphere of Ganymede Marina Galand, Gianluca Carnielli and Xianzhe Jia; 18. Ganymede's aurora Herbert Gunell, Lorenz Roth and Shahab Fatemi; 19. Electrodynamic coupling between Ganymede and the Jovian ionosphere Bertrand Bonfond and Philippe Zarka; Part IV: Astrobiology: 20. Habitability of Ganymede: conditions for sustainability of life and geochemical biosignatures Julian Chela-Flores; Appendix 1: maps of Ganymede Thomas Roatsch, Elke Kersten and Geoffrey Collins; Appendix 2: Ganymede parameters: tables from the book; Index.
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