From Hittite to Homer

From Hittite to Homer

The Anatolian Background of Ancient Greek Epic

Bachvarova, Mary R.

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction; 2. Hurro-Hittite song at Hattusa; 3. Gilgamesh at Hattusa: written texts and oral traditions; 4. The Hurro-Hittite ritual context of Gilgamesh at Hattusa; 5. The plot of the Song of Release; 6. The place of the Song of Release in its Eastern Mediterranean context; 7. The function and prehistory of the Song of Release; 8. Sargon the Great: from history to myth; 9. Long-distance interactions: theory, practice, and myth; 10. Festivals: a milieu for cultural contact; 11. The context of epic in Late Bronze and Early Iron Age Greece; 12. Cyprus as a source of Syro-Anatolian epic in the Early Iron Age; 13. Cultural contact in Late Bronze Age Western Anatolia; 14. Continuity of memory at Troy and in Anatolia; 15. The history of the Homeric tradition; 16. The layers of Anatolian influence in the Iliad; Appendix. Contraction and the dactylic hexameter.
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