From Divided Pasts to Cohesive Futures

From Divided Pasts to Cohesive Futures

Reflections on Africa

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Introduction: understanding processes of change in social cohesion: learning from comparative history Hiroyuki Hino, Arnim Langer, John Lonsdale and Frances Stewart; Part I. Social Cohesion in Africa: Case Studies of Past and Present: 1. Kenya's four ages of ethnicity John Lonsdale; 2. Better elections, more deaths: Nigeria Abdul Raufu Mustapha; 3. Ethnicity, citizenry, and nation building in Tanzania Benno Ndulu, Emma Hunter and Wilfred E. Mbowe; 4. Identity, inequality, and social contestation in the post-Apartheid South Africa Hiroyuki Hino, Murray Leibbrandt, Ratjomose Machema, Muna Shifa and Crain Soudien; 5. Ethnicity, development, and social cohesion in Africa: overview Bruce J. Berman and Motoki Takahashi; Part II. Policies and institutions for social cohesion: 6. Redressing inequalities in societies: growth with equity Frances Stewart; 7. Vertical and horizontal decentralization for equity and stability Gustav Ranis; 8. Land reform: strengthening customary rights under community management Kojo Sebastian Amanor; 9. Protecting education from ethnic politics Eric Kramon and Daniel N. Posner; 10. Building social cohesion through education in Africa? Lessons from Cote d'Ivoire and Kenya Line Kuppens and Arnim Langer; 11. Remaking Cape Town: memory politics, land restitution, and social cohesion in District Six Ciraj Rassool; 12. Key ingredients of inclusive politics Abdul Raufu Mustapha; Part III. Conclusions and Policy Recommendations: 13. National cohesion in Africa: Beyond ethnicity and ethnic communities Ernest Aryeetey and Ama de-Graft Aikins; 14. From divided pasts to cohesive futures in Africa: conclusions and policy recommendations Arnim Langer and John Lonsdale.
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