From Caesar to Augustus (c. 49 BC-AD 14)

From Caesar to Augustus (c. 49 BC-AD 14)

Using Coins as Sources

Cambridge University Press






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1. Approaching coinage in the late Roman Republic; 2. Competition, legitimacy and civil war (49-44 BC); 3. Competition and conflict after Caesar (44-36 BC); 4. The view from the East: Cleopatra and Mark Antony (38-31 BC); 5. Representing the Augustan principate (31 BC-AD 14); 6. Coins and daily life; Guide to further reading; Appendices: 1. Timeline; 2. Latin numismatic abbreviations; 3. Glossary Andrew Meadows; 4. Denominational systems Andrew Meadows; 5. The production of ancient coinage Andrew Meadows; Bibliography; Index.
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