Freedom and the Construction of Europe

Freedom and the Construction of Europe

van Gelderen, Martin; Skinner, Quentin

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Quentin Skinner; Part I. Free Persons and Freedom of Action: 1. Human freedom and Jesuit moral theology Annabel Brett; 2. Freedom and self-possession: the case of Montaigne's Essais Felicity Green; 3. Autonomy and inner freedom: Lipsius and the revival of stoicism Freya Sierhuis; 4. Freedom of the will as a basis for equality: Descartes, Princess Elisabeth and Poullain de la Barre Martina Reuter; 5. Language as a means and an obstacle to freedom: the case of Moses Mendelssohn Avi Lifschitz; Part II. Free Citizens and the State: 6. Liberty and citizenship in early modern English political discourse Iain Hampsher-Monk; 7. Free elections and freedom of speech in English republican thought Antti Tahvanainen; 8. John Milton's free citizens and the politics of the family Rosanna Cox; 9. Vattel's Rousseau: Jus Gentium and the natural liberty of states Theodore Christov; 10. The state of freedom: Kant and his conservative critics Reidar Maliks; 11. Freedom and state action in German Enlightenment thought Alexander Schmidt; 12. The political conditions of free agency: the case of Mary Wollstonecraft Lena Halldenius; Part III. Freedom and the Limits of Europe: 13. The idea of freedom in missionary writings about the new world Catherine Balleriaux; 14. From European to cosmopolitan freedom Fonna Forman; 15. Is political freedom an Islamic value? Michael Cook.
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