Freedom and the Construction of Europe

Freedom and the Construction of Europe

van Gelderen, Martin; Skinner, Quentin

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Martin van Gelderen; Part I. Religious Freedom and Civil Liberty: 1. Freedom and apocalyptic thinking in early modern Lutheranism Thomas Kaufmann; 2. Arminian trouble: Calvinist debates on freedom Martin van Gelderen; 3. Libertas Ecclesiae in post-tridentine debates on church and state Jaska Kainulainen; 4. Ecclesiastical independence and the freedom of consent Polly Ha; 5. Freedom, virtue and Socinian heterodoxy Sarah Mortimer; 6. From Selden to Mendelssohn: Hebraism and religious freedom Eric Nelson; 7. Natural religion: Pufendorf and Locke on the edge of freedom and reason Hannah Dawson; 8. Freedom of conscience, political liberty and the foundations of liberalism Tim Stanton; Part II. Liberty and Liberties in Constitutional Thought: 9. The liberty of Italian city states Serena Ferente; 10. Free and unfree states in Machiavelli's political philosophy Peter Stacey; 11. Discourses on liberty in early modern Ragusa Lovro Kuncevic; 12. Liberty and Liberties in early modern Poland-Lithuania Thomasz Gromelski; 13. Liberty and liberties in Europe's federal republics Thomas Maissen; 14. Roman law, German liberties and the constitution of the Holy Roman Empire Daniel Lee; 15. The language of liberty in early modern Hungarian political debate Marton Zaszkaliczky; 16. The language of liberty in Calvinist political thought John Coffey; Bibliography; Index of names; Index of subjects.
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