Foreigners on America's Death Rows

Foreigners on America's Death Rows

Quigley, John

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Leveling the Playing Field: 1. Consular access as an antidote; 2. Treaty rights for foreigners; 3. Making treaty rights stick; 4. United States on board; Part II. Death Cases Intrude: 5. American consuls in blindfolds; 6. The first capital cases; 7. American law: a legal labyrinth; 8. Capital punishment and human rights; 9. Why treaties matter; Part III. Into the Lion's Den: 10. Foreign countries go to court; 11. First brush with the World Court; 12. The United States against the Western hemisphere; 13. Paraguay out, Germany in; 14. Inter-American Court deals a blow; 15. Two different planets; 16 Federal courts reject consular claims; 17 Uncle Sam in a corner; Part IV. Keeping the World at Bay: 18. World Court debacle; 19. Lagrand sows confusion; 20 Inter-American Commission in shock; 21. World Court says judges must act; 22. Exiting the World Court; Part V. Coping with the Fallout: 23. Supreme Court nixes remedies; 24. Texas courts refuse President Bush; 25. Supreme Court rejects World Court; 26. A legislative fix proves elusive; 27. Condemned Mexicans after the Avena case; Part VI. The United States Stands Alone: 28. Consular access as a human right; 29. The obligation of countries of origin; 30. Collateral damage; 31. The need for new thinking; Bibliography; Index.