Fichte's System of Ethics

Fichte's System of Ethics

A Critical Guide

Ware, Owen; Bacin, Stefano

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Stefano Bacin and Owen Ware; 1. Fichte's Ethics as Kantian Ethics Allen W. Wood; 2. Fichte on Normativity in the Late Jena Period (1796-99) Benjamin Crowe; 3. Fichte on Autonomy Ulrich Schloesser; 4. Feeling, Drive, and the Lower Capacity of Desire Owen Ware; 5. Fichte and the Path from 'Formal' to 'Material' Freedom Daniel Breazeale; 6. Fichte on the Content of Conscience Dean Moyar; 7. Fichte's Theory of Moral Evil David James; 8. Embodiment and Freedom - Fichte 'On the Material of the Ethical Law' Angelica Nuzzo; 9. Ethics as Theory of Society: Morality and Ethical Life in Fichte's System of Ethics Luca Fonnesu; 10. My Duties and the Morality of Others: Lying, Truth, and the Good Example in Fichte's Normative Perfectionism Stefano Bacin.
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