Federalism and Decentralization in the Contemporary Middle East and North Africa

Federalism and Decentralization in the Contemporary Middle East and North Africa

Dajani, Omar M.; Bali, Asli UE.

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction: from revolution to devolution? Asli UE. Bali and Omar M. Dajani; Part I. Theoretical and Comparative Context: 2. Decentralization to manage identity conflicts Philip G. Roeder; 3. Devolution and the promotion (or evasion) of minority rights Will Kymlicka; 4. Constitutional design options for territorial cleavages in the Middle East Tom Ginsburg; 5. How decentralization efforts have recentralized authority in the Arab world Mona Harb and Sami Atallah; Part II. Decentralization and Governance Reform: 6. Decentralization, ideology, and law in the Islamic Republic of Iran Kian Tajbakhsh; 7. Salvaging state legitimacy in Iraq through decentralization Ali Al-Mawlawi; 8. Decentralization Reforms in post-revolution Tunisia: the struggle between political and bureaucratic elites Intissar Kherigi; Part III. Decentralization and Self-Determination: 9. Autonomy beyond the state Joost Jongerden; 10. The Devil is in the details: Iraqi Kurdistan's evolving autonomy Peter Bartu and Aidan MacEachern; 11. Turkish Kurdistan: decentralization reimagined Asli UE. Bali; 12. Control, responsibility, and the Israeli-Palestinian decentralization debacle Sari Bashi; 13. 'Stuck together': can a two-state confederation end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Omar M. Dajani and Dahlia Scheindlin; 14. 'Dans ses frontiers authentiques'? Morocco's advanced regionalization and the question of Western Sahara Omar Yousef Shehabi; Part IV. Decentralization, Conflict, and State Fragmentation: 15. Devolution and federalism in collapsed states: constitutional process and design George Anderson and Sujit Choudhry; 16. The promise - and limits - of stabilization through local governance in Libya Karim Mezran and Elissa Miller; 17. Decentralization in state disintegration: an examination of governance experiments in Syria Samer Araabi and Leila Hilal; 18. De-centralization in Yemen: the case of the federalist draft constitution of 2015 Benoit Challand; Part V. Conclusions: 19. Federalism and decentralization in the MENA region: types and trajectories Asli UE. Bali and Omar M. Dajani.
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