Family Law and Gender in the Middle East and North Africa

Family Law and Gender in the Middle East and North Africa

Change and Stasis since the Arab Spring


Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: family law and gender in the Middle East after the Arab Spring Adrien Katherine Wing and Hisham Kassim; 1. Sustained reforms: family law in Tunisia Mounira M. Charrad and Hyun Jeong Ha; 2. Family law in Egypt Nathalie Bernard-Maugiron; 3. Women's rights in the Moroccan family code: caught between change and continuity Stephanie Willman Bordat and Saida Kouzzi; 4. Postponing equality in the Algerian family code Stephanie Willman Bordat and Saida Kouzzi; 5. Juristic and legislative rulemaking: a history of the personal status code of Iraq, 1959-2020 Haider Ala Hamoudi; 6. The Syrian law of personal status: spirit and application Ghimar Deeb and Mai Massoud; 7. The status of Muslim Women in the mosaic of Islamic family law in Lebanon Nada Ammar; 8. In circles we go: a brief historical overview of the Jordanian personal status law Sara Ababneh; 9. The Palestinian minority in Israel Michael Moussa Karayanni; 10. Personal status law in Palestine Jonathan Kuttab and Adrien Wing; 11. Qatari family law, when custom meets Shari'a Lina M. Kassem.
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