Faith, Hope and Charity

Faith, Hope and Charity

English Neighbourhoods, 1500-1640

Wood, Andy

Cambridge University Press






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List of Abbreviations; Preface and Acknowledgements; 1. Charity Never Faileth: Defining Neighbourhood; 1.1 The Crisis of Neighbourhood; 1.2 Who Is My Neighbour?; 1.3 Charity and Neighbourhood; 1.4 Christian Neighbours; 2. Charity Suffereth Long: Neighbourhood and Community; 2.1 'A Nere Neyghbour is Better than a Farre Frende': The Social Logic of Neighbourhood; 2.2 Paternalism and the Reinforcement of Hierarchy; 2.3 Alcohol, Alehouses and Good Neighbourhood; 2.4 Festivity, Play and the Celebration of Neighbourhood; 3. Now Abideth Faith, Hope and Charity: Place Neighbourhood and People; 3.1 Public Worlds; 3.2 Nation, Country and Neighbourhood; 3.3 'A Packe of People'? Urban Neighbourhoods; 3.4 'A Kynde of Murdering my Neighbor': Disputes and their Settlement; 3.5 The Gender of Neighbourhood; 4. The Tongues of Men and Angels: Inclusion and Exclusion; 4.1 Newfangled Precisians: Neighbourhood and Religious Division; 4.2 Community Turned Inside Out: Witches, Gossips and Informers; 4.3 The Plight of Thomas Barebones: Settlement, Place and Neighbourhood; 4.4 The Better Sort and the Domination of Parish Politics; 4.5 Robin Starveling and the Destroying Angel: Famine, Disease and the Limits of Neighbourhood; Bibliography; Index.
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