Factorization Algebras in Quantum Field Theory: Volume 1

Factorization Algebras in Quantum Field Theory: Volume 1

Gwilliam, Owen; Costello, Kevin

Cambridge University Press






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This first volume develops factorization algebras with a focus upon examples exhibiting their use in field theory, which will be useful for researchers and graduates.
1. Introduction; Part I. Prefactorization Algebras: 2. From Gaussian measures to factorization algebras; 3. Prefactorization algebras and basic examples; Part II. First Examples of Field Theories: 4. Free field theories; 5. Holomorphic field theories and vertex algebras; Part III. Factorization Algebras: 6. Factorization algebras - definitions and constructions; 7. Formal aspects of factorization algebras; 8. Factorization algebras - examples; Appendix A. Background; Appendix B. Functional analysis; Appendix C. Homological algebra in differentiable vector spaces; Appendix D. The Atiyah-Bott Lemma; References; Index.
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