Externalism, Self-Knowledge, and Skepticism

Externalism, Self-Knowledge, and Skepticism

New Essays

Goldberg, Sanford C. (Northwestern University, Illinois)

Cambridge University Press






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Looking at the implications of semantic externalism for self-knowledge and skepticism through debates at the intersection of philosophy of mind, philosophy of language and epistemology, this collection of new essays will appeal greatly to graduate students and scholars working in these fields, as well as in cognitive science and psychology.
Introduction Sanford C. Goldberg; Part I. Foundations of Self-Knowledge: 1. Luminosity and the KK thesis Robert Stalnaker; 2. Some questions about Burge's 'self-verifying judgments' Tony Brueckner; 3. Self-knowledge: the reality of privileged access Crispin Wright; 4. Contrastive self-knowledge and the McKinsey paradox Sarah Sawyer; Part II. Content Transparency: 5. Further thoughts on the transparency of mental content Paul Boghossian; 6. Counting concepts: reply to Paul Boghossian Mark Sainsbury and Michael Tye; 7. Internalism, externalism, and accessibilism Brie Gertler; 8. The insignificance of transparency Asa Wikforss; 9. On knowing what thoughts one's utterances express Gary Ebbs; 10. Anti-individualism, comprehension, and self-knowledge Sanford C. Goldberg; Part III. Meta-Semantics and the Nature of Mental Content: 11. Externalism, self-knowledge, and memory Jordi Fernandez; 12. Externalism, metainternalism, and self-knowledge Jussi Haukioja; 13. Externalism, metasemantic contextualism, and self-knowledge Henry Jackman; Bibliography; Index.
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