Exploring Malicious Hacker Communities

Exploring Malicious Hacker Communities

Toward Proactive Cyber-Defense

Nunes, Eric; Shakarian, Paulo; Marin, Ericsson; Shakarian, Jana; Amoroso, Edward G.; Sarkar, Soumajyoti; Almukaynizi, Mohammed

Cambridge University Press






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Foreword Edward G. Amoroso; Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Background; Part I. Understanding the Behavior of Malicious Hackers: 3. Mining key-hackers; 4. Reasoning about hacker engagement; 5. Uncovering communities of malware and exploit vendors; Part II. Predicting Imminent Cyber Threats: 6. Identifying exploits in the wild proactively; 7. Predicting enterprise-targeted external cyber-attacks; 8. Bringing social network analysis to aid in cyber-attack prediction; 9. Finding at-risk systems without software vulnerability identifiers (CVE's); 10. Final considerations.
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