Exploring Interfaces

Exploring Interfaces


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Introduction: the road to interfaces Monica Cabrera and Jose Camacho; Part I. Syntax-Lexicon Interface: 1. The L2 acquisition of English anticausative structures by L1 Spanish speakers Monica Cabrera; 2. Dispositional evaluative adjectives: lexical alternations, behaviors and sideward movement Violeta Demonte; 3. The role of P in unaccusative constructions Roberto Mayoral Hernandez; 4. Degree achievements of color Mythili Menon and Roumyana Pancheva; Part II. Syntax-Semantics Interface: 5. Negative idioms Jose Camacho; 6. Scope, syntax and prosody in Russian as a second or heritage language Tania Ionin and Tatiana Luchkina; 7. On the syntax of pronominal clitics: a view from Greek Patricia Schneider-Zioga; Part III. Linearization: 8. Merge, restructuring and clitic climbing in Spanish Pascual Jose Masullo; 9. Linearization when multiple orderings are possible: adjective ordering restrictions and focus Katy McKinney-Bock; 10. Dialectal variation in VOS word order in Spanish Liliana Sanchez and Pablo Zdrojewski.
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