Explorations in Latin Literature 2 Hardback Volume Set

Explorations in Latin Literature 2 Hardback Volume Set


Cambridge University Press



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Volume I. Introduction; 1. The Taciturnity of Aeneas; 2. The Reconciliations of Juno; 3. Epic Hero and Epic Fable; 4. Stat magni nominis umbra: Lucan on the Greatness of Pompeius Magnus; 5. History and Revelation in Virgil's Underworld; 6. Following after Hercules, in Apollonius and Virgil; 7. Beginning Sallust's Catiline; 8. Leaving Dido: The Appearance(s) of Mercury and the Motivations of Aeneas; 9. Epic Violence, Epic Order: Killings, Catalogues, and the Role of the Reader in Aeneid; 10. Mea tempora: Patterning of Time in Ovid's Metamorphoses; 11. Interpreting Sacrificial Ritual in Roman Poetry: Disciplines and their Models; 12. Tenui...Latens Discrimine: Spotting the Differences in Statius' Achilleid; 13. On not Forgetting the 'Literatur' in 'Literatur und Religion'; 14. Virgil's Tale of Four Cities: Troy, Carthage, Alexandria and Rome; 15. First Similes in Epic; 16. Fictions of Citizenship in Livy's History. Volume II. Introduction; 1. Si licet et fas est: Ovid's Fasti and the Problem of Free Speech under the Principate; 2. 'Shall I compare thee ...?' Catullus 68 and the Limits of Analogy; 3. Towards an Account of the Ancient World's Concepts of Fictive Belief; 4. Horace and the Greek Lyric Poets; 5. Criticism Ancient and Modern; 6. The Odiousness of Comparisons: Horace on Literary History and the Limitations of Synkrisis; 7. Vna cum scriptore meo: Poetry, Principate, and the Traditions of Literary History in the Epistle to Augustus; 8. Two Virgilian Acrostics: Certissima signa? (with Damien Nelis); 9. Catullus and the Roman Paradox Epigram; 10. Becoming an Authority: Horace on his Own Reception; 11. Fathers and Sons: The Manlii Torquati and Family Continuity in Catullus and Horace; 12. Doing the Numbers: The Roman Mathematics of Civil War in Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra; 13. Crediting Pseudolus: Trust, Belief, and the Credit Crunch in Plautus' Pseudolus; 14. Hic finis fandi: On the Absence of Punctuation for the Endings (and Beginnings) of Speeches in Latin Poetic Texts; 15. Representation and the Materiality of the Book in Catullus' Polymetrics; 16. Catullus 61: Epithalamium and Comparison; 17. Ovid's Ciceronian Literary History: End-Career Chronology and Autobiography; 18. Horace and the Literature of the Past: Lyric, Epic, and History in Odes 4; 19. Forma manet facti (Ov. Fast. 2.379): Aetiologies of Myth and Ritual in Ovid's Fasti and Metamorphoses.
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