Exact Solutions in Three-Dimensional Gravity

Exact Solutions in Three-Dimensional Gravity

Garcia-Diaz, Alberto A.

Cambridge University Press






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Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Point particles; 3. Dust solutions; 4. AdS cyclic symmetric stationary solutions; 5. Perfect fluid static stars; 6. Static perfect fluid stars with ; 7. Hydrodynamic equilibrium; 8. Stationary perfect fluid with ; 9. Friedmann-Robertson-Walker cosmologies; 10. Dilaton-inflaton FRW cosmologies; 11. Einstein-Maxwell solutions; 12. Nonlinear electrodynamics black hole; 13. Dilaton minimally coupled to gravity; 14. Dilaton non-minimally coupled to gravity; 15. Low energy 2+1 string gravity; 16. Topologically massive gravity; 17. Bianchi type spacetimes in TMG; 18. Petrov type N wave metrics; 19. Kundt spacetimes in TMG; 20. Cotton tensor in Riemannian spacetimes; References; Index.
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