Evolution Equations

Evolution Equations

Long Time Behavior and Control

Gerbi, Stephane; Ammari, Kais

Cambridge University Press






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Preface Kais Ammari and Stephane Gerbi; 1. Controllability of parabolic systems - the moment method Farid Ammar Khodja; 2. Stabilization of semilinear PDEs, and uniform decay under discretization Emmanuel Trelat; 3. A null controllability result for the linear system of Thermoelastic plates with a single control Carlos Castro and Luz de Teresa; 4. Doubly connected V-states for the generalized surface Quasi-Geostrophic equations Francisco de la Hoz, Zineb Hassainia and Taoufik Hmidi; 5. About least-squares type approach to address direct and controllability problems Arnaud Munch and Pablo Pedregal; 6. A note on the asymptotic stability of wave-type equations with switching time-delay Serge Nicaise and Cristina Pignotti; 7. Ill-posedness of coupled systems with delay Lisa Fischer and Reinhard Racke; 8. Controllability of parabolic equations by the flatness approach Philippe Martin, Lionel Rosier and Pierre Rouchon; 9. Mixing for the burgers equation driven by a localised two-dimensional stochastic forcing Armen Shirikyan.
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