European Constitutional Language

European Constitutional Language

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1. Introduction; Part I. The Grammar: The Rules of Constitutional Reasoning: 2. Constitutional reasoning in general; 3. A scheme of the specific methods of interpretation; 4. The conceptual system of constitutional law; 5. Dialects or local grammars: the style of constitutional reasoning in different European countries; Part II. Suggested Vocabulary as a Patchwork Historical Collection of Responses to Different Challenges: 6. Sovereignty and European integration; 7. The rule of law, fundamental rights and the terrorist challenge in Europe and elsewhere; 8. The constitution of Europe; 9. Democracy in Europe through parliamentarisation; 10. Constitutional visions of the nation and multi-ethnic societies in Europe; Part III. Redundant Vocabulary: 11. Staatslehre as constitutional theory?; 12. The Stufenbaulehre as a basis for a constitutional theory?; 13. Principles as norms logically distinct from rules?; 14. Public law - private law divide?; Part IV. Concluding Remarks.
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