Europe after Empire

Europe after Empire

Decolonization, Society, and Culture

Buettner, Elizabeth

Cambridge University Press






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A pioneering comparative history of European decolonization from the formal ending of empires to the postcolonial European present.
Introduction; Part I. Decolonization for Colonizers: Europe's Transition to the Postcolonial Era: 1. Myths of continuity and European exceptionalism: Britain, decolonization, and the Commonwealth family ideal; 2. Occupation, resistance, and liberation: the road to Dutch decolonization; 3. Soldiering on in the shadow of war: decolonizing la plus grande France; 4. Long live the king?: Belgium, the monarchy, and the Congo between the Second World War and the decolonization years; 5. From Rose-Coloured Map to Carnation Revolution: Portugal's overseas amputations; Part II. Migrations and Multiculturalisms in Postcolonial Europe; 6. Ending empires, coming home: the ghost worlds of European colonial repatriates; 7. Ethnic minority immigration from empires lost; 8. Reconfiguring nations: identities, belonging, and multiculturalism in the wake of postcolonial migration; Part III. Memories, Legacies, and Further Directions: 9. Remembering and forgetting empires; Epilogue: thoughts toward new histories of contemporary Europe; Further reading; Index.
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