Euripides: Hecuba

Euripides: Hecuba

Battezzato, Luigi (Universit... degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale Amedeo Avogadro)

Cambridge University Press






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A new interpretation of a Greek tragedy on the fall of Troy: do violence, war and slavery make people less human?
Preface; Abbreviations; Key to metrical symbols; Introduction; 1. Euripides: life and works; 2. The date of the Hecuba; 3. Production; 3.1 Casting the play; 3.2 Stage movements; 4. Myth; 5. Characters and reciprocity: charis, xenia, philia; 6. Hecuba's revenge; 7. Reception; 8. Transmission of the text; 9. Presentation of textual evidence in this edition; 10. Metre and language; Symbols, sigla and abbreviations used in the edition of the Greek text; Hecuba; Commentary; Works cited; General index; Index of Greek words.
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