Ethnic Politics and State Power in Africa

Ethnic Politics and State Power in Africa

The Logic of the Coup-Civil War Trap

Roessler, Philip

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Motivation and Central Argument: 1. Introduction; Part II. Puzzle and Theory: 2. A meso-level approach to the study of civil war; 3. Theories of ethno-political exclusion; 4. The strategic logic of war in Africa; Part III. Theory-Building Case Study: 5. Political networks, brokerage and cooperative counterinsurgency: civil war averted in Darfur; 6. The strategic logic of ethno-political exclusion: the breakdown of Sudan's Islamic movement; 7. Political exclusion and civil war: the outbreak of the Darfur civil war; Part IV. Testing the Argument: 8. Empirical analysis of the coup-civil war trap; 9. A model-testing case: explaining Africa's Great War; Part V. Extensions: 10: The strategic logic of peace in Africa; 11. Conclusion.
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