Ethnic Politics and State Power in Africa

Ethnic Politics and State Power in Africa

The Logic of the Coup-Civil War Trap

Roessler, Philip (College of William and Mary, Virginia)

Cambridge University Press






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This book models the trade-off that rulers of weak, ethnically-divided states face between coups and civil war. Drawing evidence from extensive field research in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo combined with statistical analysis of most African countries, it develops a framework to understand the causes of state failure.
Part I. Motivation and Central Argument: 1. Introduction; Part II. Puzzle and Theory: 2. A meso-level approach to the study of civil war; 3. Theories of ethno-political exclusion; 4. The strategic logic of war in Africa; Part III. Theory-Building Case Study: 5. Political networks, brokerage and cooperative counterinsurgency: civil war averted in Darfur; 6. The strategic logic of ethno-political exclusion: the breakdown of Sudan's Islamic movement; 7. Political exclusion and civil war: the outbreak of the Darfur civil war; Part IV. Testing the Argument: 8. Empirical analysis of the coup-civil war trap; 9. A model-testing case: explaining Africa's Great War; Part V. Extensions: 10: The strategic logic of peace in Africa; 11. Conclusion.
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