Environmental Histories of the First World War

Environmental Histories of the First World War

Schmid, Martin; McNeill, J. R.; Tucker, Richard P.; Keller, Tait

Cambridge University Press






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List of figures; List of tables; List of contributors; Acknowledgments; 1. Mobilizing nature for World War I: an introduction Tait Keller; Part I. Europe and North America: Battle Zones and Support Systems: 2. Beans are bullets, potatoes are powder: food as a weapon during World War I Alice Weinreb; 3. Dissolution before dissolution: the crisis of the wartime food regime in Austria-Hungary Ernst Langthaler; 4. The chemist's war: Edgewood Arsenal, World War I, and the birth of a militarized environment Gerard J. Fitzgerald; Part II. War's Global Reach: Extracting Natural Resources: 5. 'The mineral sanction': the Great War and the strategic role of natural resources Roy MacLeod; 6. Something new under the fog of war: World War I and the debut of oil on the global stage Dan Tamir; 7. World War I and the beginning of over-fishing in the North Sea Ingo Heidbrink; 8. The political and natural eco-footprint of World War I in East Asia: environments, systems building, and the Japanese Empire, 1914-23 Jack Patrick Hayes; Part III. The Middle East and Africa: Ecosystems, Refugees and Famine: 9. 'Make them hated in all of the Arab countries': France, famine and the creation of Lebanon Graham Auman Pitts; 10. Why are modern famines so deadly? World War I in Syria and Palestine Zachary J. Foster; 11. Starving for someone else's fight: World War I and food insecurity in the African Red Sea Region Steven Serels; 12. Forest policy, wildlife destruction, and disease ecologies: environmental consequences of World War I in Africa Thaddeus Sunseri; Part IV. The Long Aftermath: Environmentalism and Memory: 13. Disruption and reorganization: international preservation networks and World War I Raf De Bont and Anna-Katharina Woebse; 14. Memories in mud: the environmental legacy of the Great War Frank Uekoetter.
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