Entrepreneurial Finance

Entrepreneurial Finance

The Art and Science of Growing Ventures


Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Funding Sources: 1. Introduction to entrepreneurial finance Luisa Alemany and Job Andreoli; 2. Early sources of funding (1): incubators, accelerators and crowdfunding Job Andreoli; 3. Early sources of funding (2): business angels Colin Mason and Tiago Botelho; 4. Venture capital, private equity and corporate venture capital Josep Duran and Oscar Farres; 5. Public sources of funding Isidro Laso; Part II. Funding Process: 6. Deal sourcing and screening Dietmar Grichnik, Torben Antretter and Alexander Stoeckel; 7. Preparing the financial plan: forecasting Sophie Manigart and Miguel Meuleman; 8. Valuation of new ventures Luisa Alemany; 9. The term sheet and negotiating with investors Stefano Caselli; Part III. Growing the Venture: 10. Monitoring tactics and key metrics Peter Witt, Jan Brinckmann and Miguel Meuleman; 11. Corporate governance Stefano Caselli; 12. Managing your intellectual property Peter Hiscocks; Part IV. Alternative Routes to Entrepreneurship: 13. Entrepreneurship through acquisition (1): MBOs and MBIs Miguel Meuleman and Hans Vanoorbeek; 14. Entrepreneurship through acquisition (2): 'searchers' Timothy Bovard; 15. Turnarounds, workouts and other restructuring: reinventing value Benoit Leleux; 16. Impact investing: financing social entrepreneurs Johanna Mair, Lisa Hehenberger and Sara Seganti; Part V. Harvesting and the Future of Entrepreneurial Finance: 17. Harvesting: the exit Peter Roosenboom; 18. The future of entrepreneurial finance Luisa Alemany and Job Andreoli; Appendix 1. Examples of public support for entrepreneurship in Europe; Appendix 2. Typical business angel term sheet clauses; Appendix 3. General term sheet; Appendix 4. Angel term sheet; Appendix 5. Measuring and managing impact.
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