Entertainment Industry Economics

Entertainment Industry Economics

A Guide for Financial Analysis

Vogel, Harold L.

Cambridge University Press






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Fully updated, this ninth edition of Entertainment Industry Economics remains the definitive source on the economics of film, music, television, advertising, broadcasting, cable, casino gaming and wagering, publishing, toys and games, performing arts and culture, sports, and theme parks, in the United States and overseas.
Part I. Introduction: 1. Economic perspectives; 2. Basic elements; Part II. Media-Dependent Entertainment: 3. Movie macroeconomics; 4. Making and marketing movies; 5. Financial accounting in movies and television; 6. Music; 7. Broadcasting; 8. Cable; 9. Publishing; 10. Toys and games; Part III. Live Entertainment: 11. Gaming and wagering; 12. Sports; 13. Performing arts and culture; 14. Amusement/theme parks; Part IV. Roundup: 15. Performance and policy.
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