Ennius' Annals

Ennius' Annals

Poetry and History


Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Innovation: 1. Hybrid Ennius: cultural and poetic multiplicity in the Annals Patrick Glauthier; 2. History, philosophy, and the annals Virginia Fabrizi; 3. The gods in Ennius Joseph Farrell; Part II. Authority: 4. Allegory and authority in Latin verse-historiography Thomas Biggs; 5. Reading Ennius' Annals and Cato's Origins at Rome Jackie Elliott; 6. Looking for auctoritas in Ennius' Annals Cynthia Damon; 7. Ennius' Annals as source and model for historical speech Lydia Spielberg; Part III. Influence: 8. Ennius and the fata librorum Sander M. Goldberg; 9. How Ennian was Latin epic between the Annals and Lucretius? Jason S. Nethercut; 10. Livy's Ennius Ayelet Haimson Lushkov; 11. Ennius' Annals and Tacitus' Annals A. J. Woodman; Part IV. Interpretation: 12. Ennius and Lucilius: good companion | bad companion Brian W. Breed; 13. Ennius' Annals as historical evidence in ancient and modern commentaries Jessica H. Clark; 14. Commenting on the Annals: Steuart, Skutsch, and Ennius Christina Shuttleworth Kraus.
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