English in the German-Speaking World

English in the German-Speaking World

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1. English in the German-speaking world: the nature and scale of language influence Raymond Hickey; Part I. The Status of English: 2. English in the German-speaking world: an inevitable presence Christian Mair; 3. English in Germany and the European context Sandra Mollin; 4. English in the former German Democratic Republic Goeran Wolf; Part II. The Transmission of English: 5. The history of English instruction in the German-speaking world Friederike Klippel; 6. English language (teacher) education in Germany after 1945 Sabine Doff; 7. Supporting English medium instruction at German institutions of higher education Susanne Goepferich, Ina Alexandra Machura and Janine T. Murphy; Part III. Domains and Features of English: 8. Anglophone practices in Berlin: from historical evidence to transnational communities Theresa Heyd and Britta Schneider; 9. English in the German-speaking world: immigration and integration Janet M. Fuller; 10. Processes of language contact in English influence on German Alexander Onysko; 11. Persistent features in the English of German speakers Raymond Hickey; 12. Compiling a speech corpus of German English: rhoticity and the BATH vowel Sandra Jansen and Christian Langstrof; 13. A question of direction: German influence on English Julia Landmann; Part IV. Beyond Germany: 14. Varieties of English in the Netherlands and Germany Alison Edwards and Robert Fuchs; 15. English in Austria: policies and practices Ute Smit and Marlene Schwarz; 16. English in Switzerland Simone Pfenninger and Richard Watts; 17. English and German in Namibia Sarah Buschfeld and Anne Schroeder; 18. English in German-speaking Wisconsin and the aftermath Joseph Salmons and Miranda E. Wilkerson; 19. The English 'infusion' in Pennsylvania German Mark Louden.
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