Encounters between Foreign Relations Law and International Law

Encounters between Foreign Relations Law and International Law

Bridges and Boundaries


Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction: bridges under construction and shifting boundaries Helmut Philipp Aust and Thomas Kleinlein; Part I. Identities and Interaction: 2. Foreign relations law as a bargaining tool? Felix Lange; 3. International foreign relations law: executive authority in entering and exiting treaties Edward T. Swaine; 4. Comparative foreign relations law between centre and periphery. liberal and postcolonial perspectives Michael Riegner; 5. Finding foreign relations law in India Prabhakar Singh; 6. Foreign legal policy as the background to foreign relations law? Revisiting Guy De Lacharriere's La Politique Juridique Exterieure Frederic Megret; 7. Judicial review, foreign relations and global administrative law. The administrative function of courts in foreign relations Angelo Jr. Golia; Part II. Sovereignty and Cooperation: 8. The Conseil constitutionnel's jurisprudence on 'limitations of sovereignty' Niki Aloupi; 9. Democratic participation in international law-making in Switzerland after the 'age of treaties' Anna Petrig; Part III. Powers and Processes: 10. A constitution made for Mandela, a constitutional jurisprudence developed for Zuma. The erosion of discretion of the executive in foreign relations Dire Tladi; 11. From Scope to process: the evolution of checks on presidential power in U.S. foreign relations law Jean Galbraith; 12. Division of competences in the field of foreign relations in the Polish constitutional system Stanislaw Biernat; 13. The role of parliaments in creating and enforcing foreign relations law. A case study of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ajla Skrbic; 14. War, international law and the rise of parliament. The influence of international law on UK parliamentary practice with respect to the use of force Veronika Fikfak; 15. China and global environmental governance: coordination, distribution and compliance Ji Hua; 16. Final Reflections: The dynamic and sometimes uneasy relationship between foreign relations law and international law Curtis A. Bradley; 17. The present salience of foreign relations law Campbell McLachlan.