Empowering Leadership of Tomorrow

Empowering Leadership of Tomorrow

Praszkier, Ryszard

Cambridge University Press






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This book proposes a kind of leadership that fosters bottom-up dynamics, empowering people, groups, teams, and societies. It examines the conceptual backbone and underlying mechanisms of Empowering Leadership (EL) for academics and students, and establishes practical guidelines for leadership development, including methods to enhance creativity.
Part I. Concept; Section 1. Leadership: 1. Traditional delineations of kinds of leadership; 2. Contemporary views on leadership; 3. Leadership and social influence; 4. Example: the specific social influence of social entrepreneurship; Section 2. Complexity and Networks: 5. Complexity: what does it mean?; 6. Something out of nothing: big social movements harnessing chaos into order; 7. Creativity: what it is and how it works; 8. Efficient networks; Section 3. Empowering Leadership: 9. Empowering leadership; 10. Preconditions for endogenous dynamics; Part II. Implementations; Section 4. Empowering Leadership in Action: 11. Empowering leadership in business; 12. Empowering leadership in social arena; Section 5. Being an Empowerer: 13. Some characteristics of an Empowerer; 14. How to enhance creativity; 15. Empowering as a lifestyle; Part III. Future; Section 6. How to Foresee the Future?: 16. Exploring the future; 17. Playing and dancing the future.
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