Empowering Leadership of Tomorrow

Empowering Leadership of Tomorrow

Praszkier, Ryszard

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Concept; Section 1. Leadership: 1. Traditional delineations of kinds of leadership; 2. Contemporary views on leadership; 3. Leadership and social influence; 4. Example: the specific social influence of social entrepreneurship; Section 2. Complexity and Networks: 5. Complexity: what does it mean?; 6. Something out of nothing: big social movements harnessing chaos into order; 7. Creativity: what it is and how it works; 8. Efficient networks; Section 3. Empowering Leadership: 9. Empowering leadership; 10. Preconditions for endogenous dynamics; Part II. Implementations; Section 4. Empowering Leadership in Action: 11. Empowering leadership in business; 12. Empowering leadership in social arena; Section 5. Being an Empowerer: 13. Some characteristics of an Empowerer; 14. How to enhance creativity; 15. Empowering as a lifestyle; Part III. Future; Section 6. How to Foresee the Future?: 16. Exploring the future; 17. Playing and dancing the future.
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