Emotions and Mass Atrocity

Emotions and Mass Atrocity

Philosophical and Theoretical Explorations

Brudholm, Thomas; Lang, Johannes

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction - emotions and mass atrocity Thomas Brudholm and Johannes Lang; Part I. Causes and Dynamics: 2. Mass exterminations and the history of emotions - the view from classical antiquity David Konstan; 3. Fear, hope, and the formation of specific intention in genocide Neta C. Crawford; 4. The proud executioner - pride and the psychology of genocide Johannes Lang; 5. Pondering hatred Thomas Brudholm and Birgitte S. Johansen; 6. Social science and the study of perpetrators Arne Johan Vetlesen; Part II. Emotional Responses: 7. 'Destroy your sight with a new gorgon' - mass atrocity and the phenomenology of horror Adriana Cavarero; 8. Perpetrator disgust: a morally destructive emotion Ditte Marie Munch-Jurisic; 9. Unravelling the meaning of survivor shame Alba Montes Sanchez and Dan Zahavi; 10. Beyond empathy and compassion: genocide and the emotional complexities of humanitarian politics Andrew A. G. Ross; Part III. Repair and Commemoration: 11. Hope(s) after genocide Margaret Urban Walker; 12. Traumatic emotions Jeffrey Blustein; 13. Embarrassment and political repair Nir Eisikovits.